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Sunday, December 05, 2004



Musical friends (listed alphabetically). If you are not here, it's just 'cause I'm lazy. Complain!:
Dale Allen - current Idle Hour yodeling champ
Andy Bassford - I covet the Strat, not the Grammy.
Sue Fabisch - She IS the MOM of constant sorrow
Kacey Jones - Every man who loves her is NOT "Either Married, Gay or Dead" (e.g., Jesse and Reckless Johnny and [your name here, even if married and/or gay])
Claudia Nygaard - She don't need a man. Your loss.
Suzanne Ravgiala - hardest working lyricist in town
Kristi Rush - Both commercial AND cool - somebody get her a record deal!

Musical heroes
Bob Dylan has a new autobiography

My politics (hint, if you think Natalie Maines is a traitor you probably won't like 'em):
Red State Pinko

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